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Load your collagen to get in better (structural) shape.

DCIM118GOPROG0076289.JPG    Collagen supplementation combined with strength training (under the specific conditions) may lead to denser, stiffer and a stronger tissue resulting in greater potential for force expression during sport movements. The combination of collagen and exercise may also lead to….more

 The Art of The Squat Stance 

_DSC9120 (1)

We recognize The squat movement stance as essential for activities  basic human function such as sitting, lifting. However, in sport this fundamental yet complex stance provides the stage for executing a multitude of sportive tasks.  It is a position that also…more


Divergence of Character for Organizational Success

carOrganizational reform is the central framework for the improvement and sustainability of organizations. When operating in a world of constant change – a form of change becomes almost necessary  for survival or sustainability.  If we consider organizations to be similar to organisms operating in a world that is constantly changing  than organizations must do…more



Establish Structure – Gain Perspective – Create Change.


banner1Almost every organization has an organizational chart that reflects formal roles and responsibilities. Experts in the field of leadership note that If the structure is overlooked, an organization often misdirects energy and resources.  It should go then that a highly functioning sport performance organization or system requires …more

Good Leadership requires Generational Consciousness

GEN It appeared for a brief moment that the idea of placing individuals from various backgrounds within the stress-laden confines of a team tasked to push the edge of competition may prove to be innovative in theory but poorly functioning practically – but then the drinks came in… more


Organizational Change in 3 Steps

efficient1When individuals are hired by members of a struggling organization to a leadership role, we often hear the value of culture change as a necessary step for a return to organizational success. If an organization is nothing more than the collective capacity of its people to create value, than a change in potential is a necessary element to…more



Look, Learn, Live & Do You: The Squat Stance Cable V – Bar Chop w/ Tricep Extension

Version 2

In the past I have found difficulty in prioritizing certain isolation exercise and core movement. Historically, exercises that center on isolating a particular muscle group often appear towards the end of the workout. Take for instance, the bicep curl, calf raise or the triceps extension.  When It comes to anything in life, if you hold a good deal of value for it, make sure you…more 

The “Jade” Progression – An introduction to the “Upper Body/ Lower Body” Split

plan-for-successEstablishing a schedule plan is one of the most important aspects in developing a strength and conditioning system. In many ways the schedule is reflective of the program’s objectives, style and potential. In particular, the training schedule denotes a plan for when, where and why certain stressors will be applied over the course of a fixed period.  It also contains a key a factor for performance development…more

Carbohydrate Loading and the continued role it plays to Athletic Performance

July 19, 2018 By Dan Liburd

10479As we approach the climax of the summer months, a period marked by increased activity, sport and competition, it is important to consider the vital role nutrition plays towards these endeavors. Since scientists first began to explore the relationship between nutrition and performance, we have come to understand that the food choices we make can uniquely improve our…more

Understanding environmental and societal factors in effort to develop effective methodology and solutions for weight management in elite football athletes – Part 3

July 18, 2018 By Dan Liburd


In Part 3 of “Understanding environmental and societal factors in effort to develop effective methodology and solutions for weight management in elite football athletes”  we will evaluate the various relationships between weight gain and football athletes and complete the foundation for…more

Is the Force Plate with You?

Sparta Science1 May 24, 2018 By Dan Liburd

Sport’s organizations are constantly aiming to protect and develop their most valued assets – the athlete. These efforts are generally reflected through the adoption and/or investments in various testing tools as well as methods of evaluation. Consider the use of the force plate in today’s sports environment…more



Understanding Environmental and Societal Factors to Develop Effective Methodology and Solutions for Weight Management in Elite Football Athletes

Apr 24, 2018 By Dan Liburd

CoverTo understand the potential solutions in weight management for football athletes we must first understand the factors which can impact in individuals weight in today’s world. While some of the most elite football athletes may contain the gift of genetic talents in speed, power, neuromuscular & motor skills as well as the benefit of access to high income and state of the art training facilities, these individuals are in many ways expose to…more

What’s your favorite M&M (Metric & Methodology) for High Performance?

Apr 17, 2018, By Dan Liburd

Volunteer Workouts Day One at Miami Dolphins Training Camp

All across the nation Professional Football teams of the National Football League are gearing up for training programs otherwise known as off season programs. These off – season programs are designed in effort to provide elite football athletes the opportunity to prepare for the performance demands of a rigorous and highly competitive NFL season. Many may wonder what…more

Trace Minerals and Big Performance

March 21, 2018, By Dan Liburd

suleymanoglu4-master768-v2“Little things make big things happen.” It seems that there is evidence for this quote in all walks of life, include athletic performance and nutrition. Recently, scientific investigators have reported that up to 60% of female athletes and 25% of male athletes are considered to be deficient in an important micronutrient involved in…more.

The “Extra Work” You Need For Athletic Success – Part 3


Jan 10, 2018, By Dan Liburd

“No Pain, no gain” is the perhaps the most popular catch phrase of the sporting world.  This verbal expression which gained popularity for its motivational intention within the  fitness world is commonly used to explain a powerful ideology…more 

The “Extra Work” You Need For Athletic Success – Part 2

Dec 30, 2017, By Dan Liburd

AAIA_wDGAAAAAQAAAAAAAAwtAAAAJGRkZTFhNzE2LWVjZjAtNDBlNS04MmU2LWEwMmVhYWQyODEzYQIn sports,  extraordinary behavior (or the action that separates oneself from the ordinary) is popularly displayed as an athlete’s ability to triumph through pain. The image of professional baseball pitcher Curt Schilling at the mound with a bloody sock, or the  picture of Olympic Gymnast Kerri Strung’s wincing in pain while striking a pose moments after a heroic leg breaking performance reflects our… more

The “Extra Work” you need for Athletic Success – Part 1

Dec 27, 2017, By Dan Liburd

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 11.40.35 PMIf you’re in the business of  competitive athletics, physique fitness, or movement related performance you’re often looking for that “extra ” edge in physical ability. “Extra” is the qualifier that athletes, trainers and those of us interested in improving athletic potential often use..More

The Three Important Steps for Dealing with the Crisis of a ‘Weight Room’ Injury 

Dec 4, 2017,  By Dan Liburd 1079349493_3833013850001_17-Single-leg

   It is undoubtedly the worst feeling you can suffer through as a strength coach, trainer or movement specialist. Unfortunately, many who work in the profession of human movement and performance have or will encounter this experience to some degree….More

“Living High, Training Low” and its implications for the NFL – A Proposal for Altitude Training Interventions in American Football” – Part 3

mexico_game_1000x380November 19, 2017 By Dan Liburd

Today, the New England Patriots play the Oakland Raiders. This game is important for many reasons. First, this is a matchup between two American Football Conference Power houses. As such, there are…. More.


5 Key Performance Tips and Strategies learned from Preparing for Ironman 

Oct 29, 2017, By Dan Liburd 14199666_10104207690007300_8668785579854542734_n

In the process of preparing for my sixth Ironman competition, I have increased my knowledge, refined my training techniques, and sharpened my perspectives on the training necessary to best prepare for an Ironman competition. Training for this super endurance race has enabled me to improve my…More


Understanding Causes, Strategies for prevention and Treatment of Exercise

Oct 14, 2017, By Dan Liburd

 Massimo+Maccarone+ACF+Fiorentina+v+UC+Sampdoria+D8Uh6XF5jVbl  We are past the training camp months now and weeks into our respective football seasons. Teams have surmounted a number of grueling practices and physically taxing competitive games to declare themselves in “football shape.” At this point of the football season, teams are beginning to see cooler temperatures as Fall begins to make its presence known. By now, trainers, coaches, and players are fully….More


“Living High and “Training Low” and implications for the NFL – A Proposal for Altitude Training Interventions in American Football” – Part 2 

Sep 9, 2017, By Dan Liburd

IMG_0006 2    In Part 2 of “A proposal to investigate the use of Altitude Training Camp Interventions for improved athletic performance in American Football”  we will examine the past research and build a foundation to help construct an effective vision and resource for the betterment of our athletes in regard to…More


A Proposal to Investigate the use of Altitude Training Camp Interventions for Improved Athletic Performance in American Football – Part 1 

   Aug 30, 2017, By Dan Liburd

IMG_9885    If one were to provide description of my current attitude to performance training it would be simple; “ A strength coach obsessed with conditioning”. In light of the historic exhibition event between MMA fighter Connor McGregor and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather i think my obsession with conditioning in the field of sport performance is well founded. After all, the Mayweather/Mcgregor boxing match was above all else a…More



A time effective proposal for assessment and movement correction for the performance coach

Jan 23, 2017, By Dan Liburd

surroundings-56d43e933df78cfb37d685bf     I would like to preface this presentation with the following statement. This article is an invitation for discussion and an opportunity to provide movement specialists (athletic trainers, physical therapists, and strength and conditioning coaches) with a potential valuable resource for assisting members of the fitness and performance community.This proposal is especially pertinent to…More



A research proposal for Vascular (blood) Occlusion Training 

Oct 1, 2015, By Dan Liburd

KAATSU-man-01-300x300     It’s been a while since I’ve last posted but some recent discussions have inspired me to share an idea and some old work in hopes that this information may improve knowledge to others unfamiliar and also arouse discussion in the area of performance training. I first came across the topic of blood occlusion training while pursuing a master’s of science in exercise science at Springfield College.   During this period of time, I learned the importance of various hormones and their ability to greatly influence…More


100% Orange Juice (and some added sugar) 

Sep 10, 2015,  By Dan Liburd

1440384921804.png     The next time you enter a grocery store I want you to participate in an observation exercise.  Take a look at the amount of macronutrient resources that are displayed to the average consumer and make note of the difference in availability among these macronutrients. In particular, pay attention to the convenient reach of carbohydrate resources compared to protein and/or fat…More


Cardiorespiratory Testing and Technological Advances – is it helping?

polar-M430.jpgFeb 3, 2015, By Dan Liburd

Technology continues to drive the ability for our common sports scientists (exercise physiologists, strength coaches, and personal trainers) to assess and prescribe exercise. However, are sports professionals taking advantage of this newly acquired potential? This week I had an opportunity to research and discuss methods and tools for evaluating and programming specifically for…More


Want to challenge your core? Try the Stability Ball Rollout and add a weight vest.

Nov 19, 2013, By Dan Liburd

photoStability or Swiss Ball Rollout progressions are one of the most useful exercises for developing core stability and improving athletic performance. This exercise is an excellent way to improve your ability to efficiently transfer force from your upper body to your lower body. It also helps to improve your efficiency in normal athletic…More 



Core Stability – Why it’s important to add spine stability exercises to your exercise routine regularly.

Nov 18, 2013, By Dan Liburd

42328552_l-1024x682.jpgEvery now and then I have to remind myself why it is that I constantly focus on core (spine) stability exercises regularly.  Even when the flood of literature by researchers and leaders in the field suggest a shift from the conventional  flex the spine and crunch to stable the spine and control exercise I still receive questions/exercise programs centered around…More



The Stay Lean Breakfast Choice: Egg white chicken veggie omelet with extra veggies

20130818-080521.jpgAug 12, 2013, By Dan Liburd

2 weeks left as I attempt to lower my body fat levels to 5% by following the stay lean principles. Get rid of the pop tart because today’s stay lean breakfast choice calls for an egg white omelet inundated with chicken strips and assorted vegetables with a side of guacamole. Let me explain why this stay lean breakfast choice is a key choice for…More

Four Fit Facts: Tips to Stay Lean, Healthy and Geared for Performance

Jul 15, 2012, By Dan Liburd

Eat Clean Stay Lean.jpgYou’re standing in the cafeteria dining hall at the hot cereal counter and you are presented with this dilemma: steel cut oatmeal or cinnamon-flavored grits Consider the following: Oatmeal is digested and absorbed at a…More


5 habits to help you control your calorie intake

open-uri20130126-6181-1r8ylzi.jpegJul 3, 2012, By Dan Liburd

I’m down here vacationing in Mississippi and the idea for this blog occurred to me as I jogged through the streets of Starkville filled with fast food eateries and the like. Sonic, Christy’s Hamburger, Bojangles are common sites along  Mississippi 12. For the average individual looking to make good decisions navigating through theses streets can be stressful.  Here’s a suggestion…More 


Do You –  Improve movement through Pilates

joep.jpgApr 14, 2012, By Dan Liburd

Just returned from a session with Elizabeth (a pilates instructor i work with) today. We went through some of the basics of Pilates. She informed me of the history and the differences between Classical and Contemporary practices. I was pleased to find that…More

Presentation Notes on the Functional Benefit of Training in Multiple Angles 

Jul 10, 2011 By Dan Liburd

michol-vipr-heroAs promised I compiled my notes from the Chicago 3-Day Functional Training Summit and decided to review the top 3 presentations. One of the best presentations i saw at this year’s summit was…More


Exercises that can help improve your Thoracic Mobility

foam-roller-back-extension-massage1.jpgJun 29, 2011, By Dan Liburd and Chase Throescher

Last week I had an opportunity to listen to some of the brilliant minds in the industry speak on various issues from barefoot training to corrective exercise. I was able to meet some great strength coaches, physical therapists and athletic trainer including…More


Training Tips – The Benefits of Fueling before and/or during your workout 

shutterstock84007735.jpgJun 22, 2011 by Dan Liburd

Muscle fibers need energy during workout. This energy comes in the form of ATP.  ATP has to be rapidly and continuously replenished during a workout. This fuel (needed for performance in the weight room or on the field ) can come from…More


Six Reasons Why The Slideboard Leg Curl Exercise Should Be Part Of Your Training Program 

Jun 3, 2011, By Dan Liburd

Slide-Board-Leg-Curl-STACK.jpgStrength and conditioning coach Michael Boyle once told me an important part of strength training and conditioning is risk management. He explained that a strength coach must be able to identify the risks and benefits of the exercise for their athletes. While there are many different exercises that accomplish similar goals, some offer more benefit and less risk than others. The slideboard leg curl is a…More 


Do you – Train Core Stability with improvements in Mobility

Zwarycz-WWC.jpgMay 18, 2011, By Dan Liburd

Previous routines which focused on core stability only solved part of the puzzle. The other part of the puzzle requires us to increase freedom of movement and then challenge them within this newly acquired movement.  So to get better at demonstrating stability we have to focus on making sure…More


Do You – Activate Your Hips – Training strategies to help you improve your athletic potential

Apr 21, 2011, By Dan Liburd

article-2184122-1466B186000005DC-689_964x533.jpgThe importance of mobility to optimal movement has been demonstrated by numerous coaches and authors.  We understand that mobility is the potential of motion at a particular joint. We also understand that it is relative to stability, and that a greater need for stability means a greater need for…More





Dan Liburd

Dan Liburd is in his ninth season as a NFL Strength and Conditioning Coach. Liburd has experience in designing, implementing and supervising strength and conditioning programs for various athletic populations. Liburd also has experience in designing and overseeing team nutrition and dietary programs. Liburd is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who earned his Bachelor degree in Exercise Science from Boston University. He has a Master of Science degree from Canisius College in Health and Human Performance and is currently working towards his Ph.D. in Health and Human Performance at Concordia University Chicago. Liburd holds a variety of certifications in Health and Sport Nutrition, Olympic Weight Lifting and Movement Assessment.  These certifications include Precision Nutrition Level I and Level II as well as USA Weightlifting and Functional Movement Systems.  Liburd also has a great deal of experience in Health, Fitness and Sport Strength and Conditioning. Liburd has worked with several professional teams such as the Buffalo Bills and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Liburd has also held various positions in Collegiate Strength and Conditioning programs. He has worked with the Boston University Terriers, Springfield College Pride, American College Yellow Jackets and held positions at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning as well as Peak Performance Physical Therapy.