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I feel compelled to write about this past week’s gem of an affair out here in western New York for no other reason than the simple fact the experience was tantamount to seeing  the sight of a lush green oasis after months spent in the winter tundra.   The images from this past weekend was a sight to see and a moment to enjoy from  traveling the tranquil, winding roads of  the finger lakes counties of NY  filled with wineries, farm lands and old members from the cast of Bambi to the picturesque and luminant Keuka college  situated  flawlessly along Kueka Lake. Not to mention the thrill, vibe and energy of competing and enjoying an open water swim, cool campus ride and serene run along the rustic lakeside neighborhood along with hundreds of other endurance warriors.

This past weekend’s Keuka Lake Triathlon event in Penn Yann, NY was nothing short of fun, energetic and full of spectacular scenery.  It is perfect for anyone who is willing to take advantage of any opportunity to enjoy an awesome workout in Western New York on the eve of summer.   So naturally, I pack my bags, took the lady and registered for the only event that wasn’t already sold out – The Sprint Relay.

If you know anything about Keuka Lake, then you are already familiar with just how pristine and beautiful that lake can be. It’s a no brainer to travel the two hour ride from Buffalo to Penn Yann New York just to enjoy the scenery. It is that beautiful.   Fortunately I was able to enjoy both landscape and competition.   Keuka was the first  open water swim for me this TRI season and despite the 61 degree lake temperature and light chop it was a personal record pace for me. But don’t be fooled , your boy still has a very long way to go in the swim category.  Fortunately, that’s only one of the three events that continues to humble me to the ground.

The short distance or sprint triathlon encompasses a 750 meter swim (.46 mile) along Keuka Lake, 22k Bike ride (13.8 mile) loop and a 5K Run (3.1 mile) run in and around the Keuka Colleve campus. The race takes place along the eastern portion of Keuka Lake in the town of.  In addition to the sprint or short distance race, The Keuka lake triathlon event also offers an Olympic distance option (1500 meter swim, 40 kilometer bike ride, and a 10 Kilometer run) as well as a duathlon (Run, Bike, and Run) and an Aqua Bike or Swim and Bike option.   Be warned, these events seem to fill up quickly so if’ you are interested in taking part be sure to be better prepared than I. Do not wait till the day before to sign up for this event.  It will sell out.

Here are the Top five things you should know about Keuka Triathlon:

  1. Be sure to Bring a wetsuit. With the harsh winter ending only a few months ago it’s a surprise the lake manages to get above 60 degrees. Just Don’t be that guy dressed in nothing but a speedo to start the  swim and looking like a raisin on the run when he’s all done.
  2. There is an opportunity to room and board at Keuka College prior to the early morning triathlon event beginning at 7:30 AM. Take advantage and reminisce the old college days by hunkering down in a dorm room with your race travel buddies the night before a fun race.
  3. The course is a relatively simple loop,  with limited traffic and moderately hilly with a  one or two minor climbs depending on the event distance.
  4. After the Triathlon event the College cafeteria is open for dining and provides a number of delicious treats for any competitor who’s tried and left it out on the course.
  5. The lake is about 19 miles long with limited traffic and well paved roads for those of you looking to get an extra training ride post competition. Stick around and see if you can go the distance… of the lake.

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