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Just returned from a session with Elizabeth today. We went through some of the basics of Pilates. She informed me of the history and the differences between Classical and Contemporary practices. I was pleased to find that the practice was popularized in New York and has since gained ground all over the world.  I’m not going to fill you in on the history, you can go to Liz for that.  However i will say that the movements and practices we went through today are very similar in nature to the concepts we reinforce in strength and conditioning.  Concepts such as Anti – rotation at the spine, disassociation between the hips and the spine or mobility at the hips and stability at the spine were constantly reinforce throughout the session.  I even found that  some of the mobility exercises and movement I preach to my athletes between sets are common exercises in pilates.   The cook squat isn’t a movement we’ve just learned recently. It’s been practice for years.  This was the theme for most of the session. Movements and ideas such as improving thoracic extension and rotation aren’t very new to pilates practitioners.  In our efforts to improve mobility along certain areas of the body  (Big toe, ankle, hips, thoracic spine, shoulder) Pilates may be a good supplement to a stability biased strength and conditioning program.  In addition it may be a wonderful practice for those wishing to be active.

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  1. Psyched when I saw your post pop up on my Blogroll. Hope the winter was good for ya and hope to see you at some events this summer!

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