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Started off my 4th of July weekend with a splash at Evangola State Park. I took part in “A Tri in the Buff ” , a  Triathlon bonanza that included an Intermediate Triathlon ( 15oo meter open water swim, 24.9 mile bike ride, 6.9 mile run) , A Sprint Triathlon ( 750 meter swim, 12.4 mile bike, 3.1 run), Intermediate Duathlon ( 3.1 run, 24.9 bike ride, 3.1 run)  a mini Sprint Triathlon event called Try a Tri ( 200 meter swim, 7.4 mile bike ride, 1.9 mile run) and a Kids Triathlon.  The weather was pleasant, the course was scenic, and the water was decent ( 66 degrees). The best part of this event were the competitors, volunteers and the people who made ” a Tri in the Buff” possible.  The collection of events provided a rich sense of comraderie as we all battled the elements in the water, on the bike and on the road. This feeling was  faciltated by the course set up which allowed novice triathletes in the Try a Tri event, intermediate distance triathles and sprint distance triathletes to compete side by side during certain portions of the race.   As i  battled  the H+ ions building up in my quads while feverishly pedaling on my fixed gear bike i witnessed intermediate distance triathletes zooming by hunched over and riding with poise.  It was humbling to know that while i was struggling through my 7.4 mile bike sprint they were covering over 3 times my distance – with a 6.9 mile run to follow.  Nevertheless, it was an absolute pleasure to be part of such a wonderful event.  Just another reason why I love New York.   You can be certain  that I will be returning to Evangola State park  next year  for the 750 meter swim, followed by the 12.5 mile bike and the 3.1 run. I’m already excited.  And parents consider zapping the never ceasing energy of your little ones with the kids triathlon. Watch them swim, bike and crawl across the finish line ready for nothing more than some food and a nap.  You can thank me afterwards.   


Special thanks to the people at Score-this.  Great set up! This event was a lot of fun.

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  1. Great job in the race Dan and thats a pretty cool video as well. And I would like everyone to know that Dan would have made second place but he was kind enough to let me have it. Hope to see you at another race soon, and if you need someone to train with give me a holler.

    1. Thanks Casey. It was great to meet you. Hopefully next year we compete in the Sprint Triathlon together. I will def take you up on that training. Anytime you are in Buffalo give me a shout.

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