Do you – Learn at Chicago’s 3-Day Functional Training Summit 2011 – Immediate thoughts/questions/lessons

I just returned from my trip to Chicago for the 3-day functional training summit. The summit was a blast this year. It’s always fun to see what the brilliant minds of sport performance, fitness, and rehab are thinking.  The presenters were great and the information was incredible.  This has been my third Perform Better Summit and it definitely was a favorite.  Whenever I return from these conferences I try to review the work as soon as possible. I find that if wait too long to review presentation notes, the newly learned material begins to make less sense and pretty soon that large perforated presentation binder turns into a nice prop in the weight room.  As a way to facilitate my understanding of some of the concepts and ideas learned from this past presentation the next few posts will center on material from the functional three-day summit.   This week I’ll go over the top three presentations that had an impact on me, as well as new effective and efficient exercises that can improve your ability to move.

But first, here are my Top Ten immediate questions/thoughts/lessons from the functional three -day summit:

  1. The foot is the new “core”. In addition to the litany of inappropriate positions, techniques and actions that take place above the ankle we must be mindful of the behavior that takes place below the ankle.

  2. How much do you consider planes of motions and ground reaction forces in your program design? Those repeated movements in one plane of motion might be doing more damage than good.

  3. Today’s fitness and sport performance focal point is fascia. The way we view fascia (interconnected network of muscles, bones, connective tissue) and the methods we use to manipulate it is going through a period of exponential growth in both fitness, and research.

  4. The evidence for Interval Training as a proven method for fat loss is overwhelming. If your conditioning consists of slow steady state work, you might want to take a look at the latest research.

  5.  My new favorite hot words are “Fibroblasts” and “mechanotransduction”.

  6. Muscles in general are not “weak”- instead, they are most likely inhibited.

  7. Core dysfunction may be the root of your inability to move.

  8. Consider the autonomic system and how it is affected when you go through movement and training. How? Breathing and/or heart rate variability.

  9. “Garbage in is garbage out”- Charlie Weingroff

    • Your sensory information tools are of incredible importance to your ability to move.

  10.  “The big toe is “Da Bomb” – Mark Verstegan

    • Translation for those of us who aren’t stuck in the 90’s:  Appropriate mobility of the big toe is of great importance to movement in all populations including athletes and  hip hop stars.


  1. Need a little variation in your warm up? Try combining an Inchworm, Spiderman with a Turkish Get Up for ten yards.

Later this week I’ll be going over my top three speakers/presentations as well as my top ten thoughts, ideas and lessons after reviewing my notes.

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