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A few years ago I had the chance to read Nutrient Timing by John Ivy and Robert Portman. I t was a short read that completely change my views on the relationship between performance and nutrition.  Within moments of completing the 200 page book I changed my nutrition habits and designed a program which centered on many if not all of the principles outlined by Ivy and Portman.  Recently, I came across a webinar by Amanda Carlson on nutrition during the training period. I found her nutrition presentation to be to be logical, innovative, comprehensive and contained similar recommendations described by Ivy and Portman. Carlson presented the information as part of a systematic approach to performance nutrition. 

The system in which she described focused around nutrition before, during and after the training session.  After viewing her presentation it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to review my system of nutrition during my period of training. It also presented me the opportunity to review literature by various authors on nutrient recommendations for athletes during the workout period. I wanted to be sure that my system operated along the right path in terms of carbohydrate and protein recommendations before, during and post workout.  Additionally, I thought it might be advantageous to compare the supplements advocated by various recognized authors in the field of nutrition performance.    So I decided to take a long look at all of the Nutrition literature I have and compare their recommendations.  Before I begin to compare recommendations, it’s important to address the importance of nutrition before the onset of a workout, during and post workout period.  This week I will be posting up answers to the why’s, what’s and when of workout nutrition. These blog posts can be a great resource as you progress through your training routine. Consider placing them near or on your fridge to remind you that great nutrition is a requisite for great performance.

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