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Getting ready to leave for the Buffalo Corporate Chase Run in Delaware Park. I’f I’m not mistaken today is supposed to be a scorcher. No worries though, I’ll be sure to hydrate properly post race with the 10,000  runners who are expected to participate today. Get there early because i can guarantee that parking will be difficult.  I’ll be back later  with a recap and some footage from the race.  Hope to see you there.

Post – Race Recap

This year marks the 35 years of hustle and tussle along 3.5 miles of pavement as the  JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge continued in Buffalo today.  This year’s series  started March 3 in Johannesburg, South Africa and concludes Wednesday, November 9 in Sydney, Australia.  In between will be six U.S. events, and one each in Germany, the United Kingdom and Singapore.  Buffalo did not disappoint as it saw over 11,000 participants from over 300 companies in the area.  The 2011 Buffalo Corporate Challenge saw a large jump in numbers compared to the past years. Who could blame runners and walkers for coming out. Despite warnings of thunderstorms and high temperatures, racers were blessed with blue skies and perfect temperatures from start to finish.

This year’s race took place along Buffalo’s Delaware Park.  For those unfamiliar with Buffalo’s corporate Challenge course the race starts off near the base of Amherst St and Nottingham Terrace.  Runners  and walkers progress along the beautiful and quaint homes on Amherst st making a left on to Delaware ave.  The course follows Delaware ave and loops around Niagara Square to return once more on Delaware Ave. The turn on to Middlesex road signifies the race is nearing it’s end and finally a turn on to Meadow road continuing in to the park marks the straight away to the finish.   This year’s Male winner was Dan Giza with a time of 17:30 and Maura Frauehofer with a time of 20:15.

What makes this event so special is the conglameration of companies from all over the buffalo area centered in Delaware park to take part in activity. This gives various people the opportunity to see coworkers and members of different organizations in a different light. The JP corporate challenge chase dares you to forget your slacks and business tie and instead throw on some running shoes and a cool team shirt to celebrate the opportunity to be active.   Lastly, the event is for a good cause. Donations for this year ‘s 2011 challenge went to child care resource network.

I am very glad to have been a part of the JP Morgan Corporate Chase Challenge this year as I was able to participate with my teammates who tough it out every morning at 6am till i blow the whistle. Do you – Corporate Chase Challenge.

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